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Regis Electrical really appreciates and value its Customers. Your success is our success. That's why our primary aim is to look after you for the long term by providing the best and most cost effective service we can. We ensure this is maintained through our simplified on-line ordering on your account, same day delivery and customer service that offers technical advice and relationships. 


We also know the value of promotions, give-a-away’s and bonuses; and intend to develop a loyalty program for our loyal customers.  One previous promotion “beers with your gear” was very well received; and on another occasion we gave away over $12,000 of tools via a Customer competition. 


As well as importing electrical switchgear, our parent company Source Co Pty Ltd imports a variety of products including: tools, electrical goods (LCD TV’s etc), building products, textiles and a range of other products.  From time to time we have surplus stock or products that are being replaced.  It’s our intention to give stuff away rather than just letting it gather dust.


Keep an eye out - you might just find something extra with your order!

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