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Quality Electrical Products

The only difference you'll notice is the price.

Regis brand electrical products provide the highest quality at a reasonable price point. The company is run by sparkies for sparkies. We know the market.


How? It's a globalised economy! None of us can avoid it. We all know that China is the factory for the world, but at Regis brand we stay true to our patriotic roots by using Aussie brain power to benefit the Australian market.

Regis products are manufactured to meet all the high standards Australians demand. But you don't have to take out a second mortgage to afford them!

Using our international team, we take advantage of international salary differentials to ensure Australian quality output without having to pay top-dollar for the service. The savings in operational costs pass through to our customers as we provide the best quality for reasonable dollars.

Using Australian and international quality control standards our team checks every batch before it leaves the factory. We ensure you get the best quality for your dollar. It's not expensive but it's definitely not rubbish!

The team at Regis comes from a wide background of industry segments; working for the big players they learned the ropes from the best and now they bring you the benefits of all this top level experience: Using Australian ingenuity to keep the Australian economy buoyant!


Our Values

In essence, we absorb the risk in international business. We take the hassle out of commerce so you can enjoy the rewards of your global business decisions risk-free and secure.

And that is why the phrase 'Global Solutions With Confidence' serves as our value proposition to the world.



About Regis

The Regis brand is owned by Source Co Pty Ltd located on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland.
Source Co Ltd is a limited company with majority ownership in Australia.

Founded by Gary Livermore to inject Australian know-how and services into China (whilst building supply lines from China to the rest of the world), the Source Co Ltd group has established lasting global commercial relationships, adding value in all directions.

In international business, it's imperative to control all aspects of the value chain from a macro-perspective and on the ground, at the coal face. This is why Source Co Ltd has offices on the Gold Coast, Shanghai and WenZhou. as well as representatives in the UK and across Australia.


Our Experience

The multicultural team at Source Co Ltd presents a wealth of experience at the highest levels in:
• International Product Sourcing/Development,
• Asset/Process Management,
• Supply-Line Management,
• Transaction Management,
• Quality Control,
• Intercultural Communications/Negotiation and Marketing,
• PESTLE Analysis for new markets,


Many Source Co Ltd staff are fluent in more than one language with multilingual negotiation experience at a senior executive level.

This, combined with the management teams' rich commercial experience around the globe (in a variety of industry sectors) equips us with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage International Process Risk and International Communication Risk.



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